This is my last article regarding my journey to the light. This doesn’t mean I’m out of the valley, I still don’t have my own home, but God has blessed me in so many different ways, that I know all my needs will be met in good time.

It is my belief that I had to take this journey because God has a plan for my life. As a matter of fact, He has a plan for all of our lives. I opened the door to Him when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 10. I thank God that my mother was instrumental in giving me a foundation of faith by raising me up in the church.

Little did I know that through my young adult years I would abandon my faith, but God already had a grip on me, and He patiently waited for me to return to Him.

The older I got, the bigger my dreams, the more God faded into the background as I got caught up in the world. But God was always watching over me. He never failed or deserted me, and would triumph over my enemies again and again, without me even asking. No matter how hard I got knocked down, He’d pick me up. And all I did was get back into the world and start the cycle again.

When my world finally came crashing down–my mother’s sudden death, job loss, IRS audit, all in rapid succession–I thought I’d never get back on my feet again. From 2004 to 2008, I hung in there as best I could, but the loss of my mother cut very deeply, and other setbacks nearly sent me over the edge.

By 2008, I began that slippery slope toward being homeless. By then I knew I’d better get right with God because I sensed a storm of great magnitude heading my way.

My dreams were dead, I was just trying to survive, and I knew that was not how God made me. I took jobs I shouldn’t have, and should have walked away from jobs that paid very little and demanded a lot from me and my team members. It was just one big mess. I was paid when I was paid; I had no control, so my rent was always late because it would take weeks, even months, to get paid. Life was moving forward but I wasn’t. I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to save me, redeem me, and that’s when my journey to the light began.

Being homeless opened my eyes, heart and mind to God’s promises. It was like God said, “OK, I’ve got to start from scratch with My child before she can move ahead.” So with the bare essentials–my car and laptop–I began a new walk with the Lord. I’ve been on the potter’s wheel for some time and it’s been a wonderful journey of faith, love, and power. God truly is an awesome God.

I still have to wrap my mind around all the good things God has for those who love Him. Jesus Christ is just a breath away, and because of the Holy Spirit we’re never, ever alone. Sometimes just saying “Jesus” gives me peace.

Learning not to fear, worry, or doubt is a whole new process for me. Letting go and letting God handle it is such a relief. Learning to surrender all to God also takes practice. Sometimes I’m so peaceful I don’t recognize it. I know it sounds strange, but I have to get used to being at peace, and when I surrender to it, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Many of us are going through or coming out of something, so, I’ve started a blog, “My Journey to the Light” so we can share with each other how God is transforming our lives. Just go to and add your thoughts and comments.

Thank you for reading my articles, and may God bless and keep you.