LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Starting July 1, Auto Club insurance customers will get a 4.1 percent rate reduction on policies, thanks to new discounts being introduced, state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said today.

“With the economy still recovering, this significant decrease delivers savings to more than 1 million drivers in Southern California,” Jones said.

“The Auto club has again stepped up and put their policyholders’ interests first. They have a history of rate decreases and have set an example I hope other insurance companies will follow.”

New discounts include increased multi-policy discounts for homeowners, new group discounts for alumni association members, expanded discounts for medical professionals and certified public accountants, and student-away discounts for policyholders with children in school out of town and without a car, according to the Auto Club.

Auto Club President Robert Bouttier said the rate reduction was the fourth approved over the past nine years.