Pacific Coast Regional is an economic development corporation that offers small business loans to start up operations, as well provide assistance and advice to existing small businesses.

Based in Los Angeles for the past 36 years, Pacific Coast Regional offers financial and educational services to entrepreneurs who require professional guidance in establishing and/or maintaining a small business, when larger banks may not offer a loan because of a lack of business experience.

Pacific Coast Regional works with a variety of loan providers that offer programs designed specifically for small businesses, among these: the Small Business Administration Community Advantage Loan Program, California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program, Community Reinvestment Loan Program (a private loan fund sponsored by Comerica Bank) and the Economic Development Administration Revolving Loan Fund.

A consulting program at Pacific Coast Regional is staffed by 20 local business professionals who specialize in budgeting, permits/licensing, business planning, financing and procurement.

“We’ve received positive responses from persons who have worked with us, particularly of late during the tough economic times,” said Constance Anderson, director of PCR’s Small Business Development Center, which provides online business courses where parties may access workshops on business management, sales and marketing and other topics relating to starting or growing a business.

“We offer one-on-one consultations with our clients; often the large banks cannot dedicate the time to fully explain the loan process. We offer ‘pre-ventures’ (start-up) consultations to fully educate the client about the loan process.”

Anderson said the online courses provide a benefit for business owners who are frequently hard-pressed to devise a time-management schedule when they initially open shop. “They gain important knowledge of business efficiencies and how to sustain and grow a business to the next level.”

Pacific Coast Regional works with more than 30 financial institutions throughout Southern California and also operates the Lottie Center for Business Excellence. This program provides assistance to small business owners to help them become successful in the business community at large.

Among the many subjects discussed with small business owners are financial management techniques, writing a business plan, setting up a marketing system, cash flow analysis/projections, business forecasting, developing initial business concepts, effective leadership skills, accounting, website management and social media.

Pacific Coast Regional can provide its customers loans from $35,000 to $50,000, and can offer an advance of up to $1 million. “Half of our clients look for money,” Anderson explained, “but many other persons seek our technical advice, which is important in today’s economy. We provide any and all services and information related to starting a new business.”

The organization helps sponsor the yearly Neighborhood Builders Award program that recognizes high-performing nonprofits that have made a “… significant impact in the community.” The program pairs leadership training for executive directors and emerging leaders with a $200,000 unrestricted grant.

Pacific Coast Regional was selected to participate because of its decades-old commitment to revitalize and strengthen the Los Angeles County small business community.

Pacific Coast Regional (PCR) is located at 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1501. For more information, call (213) 739-2999. The website address is