LOS ANGELES, Calif. — An ordinance requiring men to wear condoms in porn films shot in Los Angeles County appears to be driving some producers to Ventura County, but it’s not immediately clear if they’ll be welcome.

The city of Camarillo received several calls last week inquiring about temporary film permits and asking whether it also had a condom ordinance, Assistant City Attorney Don Davis told the Los Angeles Times.

He said it was the first time the city has had multiple requests for temporary permits of such a nature.

“What we think may be happening is maybe as a result of safe-sex and adult-film ordinances in L.A. County and the city of L.A., some of the productions are perhaps looking for new film territory, and we’re not that far away,” Davis told the newspaper.

A Camarillo property owner also informed officials that he had been contacted about leasing his building to be used as an adult film studio, The Times reported.

In response to the jump in requests for temporary film permits, Camarillo has decided on a 45-day moratorium on adult film production in the city, The Times reported. The ordinance approved Wednesday gives the city time to study the potential effects of pornographic film production and determine whether to impose regulations.

Los Angeles County voters last year passed a law that requires porn actors to wear condoms and porn producers to obtain health permits. Many in the porn industry opposed the measure.