The Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals, the volunteer auxiliary of the Los Angeles Urban League, and Building Excellent Schools (BES) will hold an education town hall on Thursday, March 21, at the Urban League headquarters, 3450 Mount Vernon Drive, Los Angeles, from 7-9 p.m.

The purpose of the town hall is to help create a Young Professionals action plan to address the concerns of the Los Angelesschool system by bringing together various members within the education field. Teachers, school administrators, PTA parents and third-party organizations are invited to join the discussion on issues currently facing African American students attending predominantly public schools within the inner city.

“As the daughter of a public school teacher, education was always top in our home. I am proud that the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals are establishing a progressive platform to encourage dialog and action for the betterment of education for all,” said LAUL Young Professionals President Abby Harris.

The panel consist of educators in the public and private sector, including Laura McGowan, founder and executive director of the Crown Preparatory Academy; Matt Bragman, school development manager of the California Charter Schools Association; Travis Collier, instructional director of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD); Christopher Dennis, program manager of A Better Chance and Ellen Pais, president and CEO of Los Angeles Educational Partnership.

Members of the community will also participate in the discussion, whose goal is to find ways members of the Young Professionals can identify appropriate community organizations to increase the impact that is needed to help suffering inner-city schools.