South Los Angeles resident Evans Davidson has to make arrangements to bury his wife for a second time after the Simpson Family Mortuary in Inglewood inadvertently switched her body with someone else’s.

Davidson says he repeatedly told officials that the woman in the casket didn’t look like his wife, Darlene Davidson, but they claimed it was a result of embalming.

A few days after the funeral, Davidson got a call from the mortuary asking him to come identify a body.

This time, it was his wife. Officials say the news was brought to their attention when a second family reported they had been presented with the wrong body.

The mortuary had buried the wrong woman at his wife’s gravesite complete with his wife’s wig and the dress she wore to her granddaughter’s wedding.

The Simpson Family Mortuary has agreed to cover all costs associated with the second burial at Roosevelt Memorial Park in Gardena, which will be part of a small, private ceremony this week.

Davidson has hired an attorney, and the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau has launched an investigation into the mix-up.