We’ve already covered how this is Beyoncé’s world, and the rest of us just live in it, so it’s no surprise the 31-year-old was able to pull Oprah Winfrey out to her HBO documentary premiere in New York on Tuesday night.

“I only did this for you!” Oprah told Bey on the red carpet. “I haven’t been on a red carpet in God knows when.”

Thankfully, the OWN CEO thought the night out was worth it. (Plus, it’d be kind of awkward if she didn’t – OWN is airing a new “Oprah’s Next Chapter” featuring Beyoncé this weekend.)

“‘Life is But a Dream’ is so fiercely empowering,” Oprah said. “She shocked me, I was in tears. … She did an amazing job.”

Fans can expect to get premium access to Beyoncé when the film bows on HBO Saturday, as Oprah said that Beyoncé “let[s] us see her vulnerable side, she became for us not just the mythical goddess Beyoncé, she became a real woman to me. … She understands all pain is the same and the way she hurts is the way other people have hurt so when people see that, [it’s a] game changer. I think this documentary is a game changer.”

The 31-year-old superstar herself, meanwhile, said she’s hoping to inspire someone with the story of her life.

“I’ve learned so much about myself … Being able to sit down and watch the past three or four years and edit them together. It was hard to relive some of those things but I felt like I had a story to tell and hopefully [it] will inspire a lot of people give them hope,” she told CNN. “[I]t’s been a dream of mine to direct for years. I’ve directed some of my concert films and videos and finally after I laid eyes on my daughter [Blue Ivy], I felt like I know who I am and I’m ready to tell my story. It gave me a lot of bravery.”

Breeanna Hare | CNN | Douglas Hyde contributed to this report.