Despite all the mud that has been slung during the 2012 presidential election campaign, the allure of making history by helping re-elect Barack Obama was still powerful enough to bring many new voters like 19-year-old Los Angeles resident Kenya out to the polls Tuesday.

Kenya’s excitement was palpable as she stood in line at Cienega Elementary School in Los Angeles with her mom and older sister Myeisha.

After she cast her ballot, Kenya remembered the excitement among her friend’s about Obama’s election in 2008, and how it inspired conversations like “when will we have our first Asian president.”

“My friends have been texting all morning telling me what I should vote on,” said the neophyte voter, the excitement evident in her voice.

But it was not only President Obama that drew in Kenya; it was also the many life-affecting propositions that brought her out to vote. Following, find the results of voting on the statewide measures and local measures.

Proposition 30 – YES
Would temporarily increase the state sales tax and income tax on individuals making over $250,000. Gov. Jerry Brown endorsed this measure which will avoid “trigger cuts” to the state’s public education system.

Proposition 31 – NO
Would create a two-year budget cycle for the state government, allows the governor to cut the budget in fiscal emergencies, and require performance reviews in state programs.

Proposition 32 – NO
Would prevent unions from making campaign donations via members’ dues. The measure’s backers said it would prevent corporations from doing the same, but companies are already not allowed to do this, so it would only affect unions.

Proposition 33 – NO
Would require insurance companies to set rates based on the previous insurance history of the driver and provide better rates for drivers who have had insurance in the past.

Proposition 34 – NO
Would repeal California’s death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole.

Proposition 35 – YES
Increases prison terms for human traffickers and requires police training on human trafficking.

Proposition 36 – YES
Would change the “Three Strikes” law so that life-in-prison sentences would only apply if the third conviction [strike] were “serious or violent.”

Proposition 37 – NO
Would require the labeling of genetically modified food as such and prohibits genetically modified foods from being labeled “natural.”

Proposition 38 – NO
Hikes up the state income tax for 12 years, putting the money to pre-K to 12 education.

Proposition 39 – YES
Requires multi-state businesses to pay income taxes based on percentage of sales in California.

Proposition 40 – YES
A veto referendum that would keep the California state Senate lines as they were drawn by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission in 2010.

Measure B – YES
Would require porn performers to wear condoms.

Measure J – NO
Proposed 30-year extension of a half-cent transportation sales tax in L.A. County would have accelerated the completion of the subway to LAX and of the ‘Subway to the Sea’, as well as other transit projects, according to Metro.