Among the requirements of this measure are that producers in the adult film industry pay a fee to obtain a Public Health Department permit in order to make adults films in the county, and that all performers engaging in anal or vaginal intercourse during the making of such films wear a condom.

Fees will be used to underwrite the cost of enforcement.

Because credible scientific studies have shown that performers in adults films are far more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases and then pass them on to the general public, supporters of this measure say this industry should be monitored more closely. They also say that because most adult film performers utilize public health facilities, the cost of treating the diseases is primarily borne by county taxpayers.

On the other hand, opponents to Measure B say the proposed law would destroy the adult film industry in the county and impose new regulations at a time when the government is struggling financially.

Additionally, opponents contend that if this measure passes, fewer adult film producers would apply for permits. Measure B, they say, is an unnecessary attempt to force people to engage in healthier sexual habits.
OW Recommendation: YES