A power rate increase of more than 10 percent proposed by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is going before the full City Council for a vote.

The increase was proposed in the middle of 2011, but the Council postponed voting on it until the Ratepayer Advocate, Fredrick H. Pickel, Ph.D., could provide an independent analysis of the proposal.

Pickel agreed that the increase of 4.88 percent for 2012-13 and 6.02 percent in 2013-14 is acceptable, but indicated that the subsequent rate increase the department is asking for must be further reviewed.

All of the Council districts are holding public hearings with the Ratepayer Advocate to explain to constituents why the increase is needed and what it will be used for–to fulfill environmental mandates.

Council District 15 will hold its meeting Saturday at 2 p.m. Call Kevin Bingham at (310) 732-4515 for the exact location.

The proposal will go to the full Council on Tuesday for a first vote and back again Oct. 2 for a final vote.