Taking a cue from the film “Courageous,” on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17, about 400 men at Crenshaw Christian Center will take a pledge of honor and commitment to God, their wives and children. The group will repeat the pledge as it is read by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, founder of the church.

Those men participating will receive a formal copy of the pledge, which will be signed by Pastor Frederick Price Jr., to be hung in their homes as a reminder of their commitment.

“Courageous” is a Christian film produced by Sherwood Pictures, the movie-making arm of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga. The story revolves around the developing friendship of four Albany deputy sheriffs and their individual family challenges.

The leader of the group, Adam Mitchell, has a great relationship with his pre-teen daughter but a strained one with his teenage son. A disaster soon occurs and one of his two children is killed. The family is shattered. For weeks, Mitchell searches the Bible for answers. From this search, he develops the pledge.

Crenshaw Christian Center at 7901 S. Vermont Ave., is home of the famous 10,000-seat Faith Dome.