LOS ANGELES, Calif.–What turned out to be a microphone in a piece of checked luggage led to the partial evacuation of a terminal and flight slow-downs today at Los Angeles International Airport.

A screener detected something unusual in a piece of baggage, and authorities started evacuating a passenger screening area in Terminal 6 at 7:12 a.m., said Nancy Suey Castles of Los Angeles World Airports.

A Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad examined the luggage, and the suspicious object was determined to be a microphone in a plastic container with a twist top.

The bag’s owner, whose identity was not disclosed, was released to continue traveling.

Airport operations were interrupted for about 90 minutes. Twenty-seven departure flights were delayed, most for about 30 minutes, though four flights experienced delays of about two hours, Castles said. There were no cancellations, and arriving flights experienced minimal to no impacts, she said.