Rodney King joined KJLH-FM’s Front Page show with host Dominique DiPrima, center, and Carl Nelson, left, on Monday, April 30, exactly 20 years and a day after the 1992 Riots that exploded after the four policemen who had been videotaped savagely beating King were acquitted. Oddly, on Sunday at Normandie and Florence avenues, the site where trucker driver Reginald Denny, was severely beaten during the 1992 riots, two different groups held demonstrations. One of the groups was the 77th Precinct Community Police Advisory Board and their clergy council. The other was a community activist group called Coalition for Community Control Over the Police. The Coalition was holding a community speakout where citizens could discuss events affecting the community. The two groups seemed to be talking over each other, but there was no conflict. NBC was also broadcasting at the same location./Photo courtesy of KJLH-FM