A Lynwood woman was sentencedtoday, April 12, to probation for calling in a phony bomb threat to an airlineto stop her husband from flying to Atlantato see another woman over Thanksgiving.
Johnna Woolfolk, 51, said she was under a “horrificamount of stress”
when she telephoned AirTran Airways last Nov. 27 andreported that her husband was carrying a bomb onto an Atlanta-bound flight.
Along with a two-year term of probation, U.S. District JudgeJacqueline H. Nguyen ordered Woolfolk to pay restitution of $240 to the airlineand complete 200 hours of community service and mental health treatment.
“While this is a serious offense, I do believe thiswas aberrant behavior,” the judge said, adding that Woolfolk had a cleanrecord and was genuinely remorseful.
Woolfolk told the court that the incident took place whenshe was “going through a lot” of emotional turmoil.”I’d never acted out in that way,” she said.
Woolfolk pleaded guilty in January to a single felony countof conveying false and misleading information. She said she intended to keepher husband from leaving town.
“We had a fight and I called the airline and reportedthat he had a
bomb to stop him from taking that flight to see anotherwoman,” Woolfolk told Nguyen previously.
The FBI stopped and questioned the woman’s husband atthe airport,
Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward E. Alon said, adding that theman did indeed miss his flight that day.
Nguyen told Woolfolk the conduct represented “aserious misjudgment on your part.”
In a similar case, a Temple City woman apparently angry about being
dumped on Facebook by a Frenchman with whom she had had afling pleaded guilty to calling an airline and implying that her ex-lover mightdamage a plane departing from Los Angeles.
Lizet Sariol, 46, is expected to be sentenced next month, atwhich time she might be eligible for a diversion program, officials said.