Singer/songwriter and producer Ne-Yo and his former personal manager have settled a lawsuit alleging the singer reneged on an agreement to pay commissions in exchange for him dropping a previous complaint.

Lawyers for the R&B entertainer filed papers last Friday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Segal stating that Munir Mahmud and the 32-year-old singer had resolved the current suit. Mahmud alleged he was cheated out of royalty payments and was the victim of a breach of the terms of a previous settlement made in 2006.

Mahmud was hired by Ne-Yo in August 2004. He sued the vocalist–whose real name is Shaffer Smith–and the singer’s company, Compound Entertainment, in February 2011. Mahmud maintained that Ne-Yo was bound by the earlier settlement agreement to pay him 10 percent of all music-related income during a specified period.

Mahmud had also sued Ne-Yo in December 2005, but dropped that case after the two sides reached the 2006 settlement.

The singer initially paid the commissions owed Mahmud under the original settlement, but subsequently stopped doing so, the suit stated.