With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, a new book by Reed Tuckson, M.D., aims to put the power of healthy aging in the hands of average Americans.
“The Doctor in the Mirror” is based on a simple premise: while preventive care and regular doctor visits are vital to health, the key to much of our wellness is in our hands. The book encourages readers to recognize the doctor in the mirror, or “Dr. You,” and provides information, strategies, ideas and resources designed to help older adults age with vitality.
Tuckson developed “The Doctor in the Mirror” to share his common-sense recommendations for living a longer, healthier life more broadly. The counsel he shares in the book’s pages is based on his four decades of experience as a physician, including serving in a leadership role with the American Medical Association and as the commissioner of public health for the District of Columbia. In his current role, Tuckson has a national view of health issues facing more than 75 million people served by UnitedHealth Group.
A companion website, www.DoctorInTheMirror.com, provides additional information and resources and allows visitors to share their questions about health and aging, as well as relevant personal stories on overcoming barriers and achieving personal health goals.
“One of the most often-overlooked medical truths is that no one knows what’s going on inside a person’s body or mind like that person does. In a culture that rightfully gives such reverence to our health professionals, that’s a powerful concept that gives many people pause,” said Tuckson. “I wrote this book to help people understand that one of the most capable doctors they’ll ever meet is right there in the mirror.”
The 359-page book is divided into three sections which focus on the areas that have the greatest impact on the health of older adults: lifestyle, medical needs, and home and family. Each section delves deeply into the health concerns that most often plague older adults.
Throughout the book, Tuckson urges readers to be honest with themselves about the life they want to live and the health they need to achieve it. He encourages people to understand the relationship and interactions they have with friends, family, their community and the health system, and what is necessary from these relationships to achieve individual health goals.
Compelling visuals as well as “Medical Notes” and “Doctor’s Orders” are incorporated throughout the book, which transforms it into a guide that is intended to be referenced and re-read as needed over the years.
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