“Happy Feet Two” is delightful, and it will make you very happy, and why not? Great music, penguins ‘getting’ down, outstanding animation, and an uplifting story, all in 3D.

In a curious way, it teaches us all, young and old, about our planet and how we’re all connected one way or the other. Through natural occurrence things begin to shift in the landscape of Antarctica and sea creatures great and small, as well as man have challenges they have to meet.

Mumble (Elijah Wood), The Master of Tap, from the original 2006 movie “Happy Feet,” which by the way was the Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature, is all grown up with a son of his own named Erik (Ava Acres). And you guessed it, Erik doesn’t dance. No, Erik is looking for a higher purpose, dancing just isn’t his thing.

After a humiliating attempt to please his father, Erik and his two friends, Atticus (Benjamin “Lil P-Nut” Flores Jr.) and Boadicea, also known as Bo (Meibh Campbell), decide to go in search of his uncle Ramon (Robin Williams), who himself is on a journey to recapture a lost love at another penguin haven.

“Lil P-Nut” Flores Jr. was 7 years old when he got the part, after being spotted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show by the film’s producers. He was slightly disappointed because he thought he would be able to dress up in a penguin outfit, but that feeling of disappointment quickly disappeared and he says he found this experience “totally cool. I had a really good time using my imagination while I was doing the movie. It was like I was really a penguin out there, having this adventure.”

Rapper/actor Common stars as “Lil P-Nut’s” father, Seymour. Making his animated feature film voice-acting debut, Common says, “I never thought I’d get to play the role of a dancing, singing, rapping penguin.” He continues, “I watched the first movie, and it moved me, so to be able to be a part of that legacy was really exciting.”

Two new characters, Will and Bill, who happen to be krill, are introduced to the audience in the second edition. Krill, by the way, are described as the bottom and basis of the food chain. They live in a great biomass of billions and billions of krill that move with the tides.

Will (Brad Pitt) wants to evolve higher up the food chain, while Bill (Matt Damon) is terrified, he just wants to stay and continue to behave exactly like all the other krill.

These tiny guys break away from the mass of krill and seek their fortune or we could say misfortune, but it all works out in the end, because they too have their part to play in this thing we call life.

Speaking of life, Mumble finds his son and young companions run into big trouble–Bryan the Beachmaster (Richard Carter), a massive elephant seal with a stubborn streak. You literally hold your breath as Mumble tries to negotiate passage, only to hear, “The Beachmaster backs up for nobody.”

Then there is Sven (Hank Azaria). A penguin that can fly? Impossible you say? According to Sven, “If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.”

There’s more to Sven that meets the eye and oh, yes he can fly.

I could go on and on about the characters, the drama, danger, excitement, and sheer entertainment “Happy Feet Two” offers the entire family–it’s also a great date-night movie–but I just don’t have the space. Go see it; you will be dancing in your seat between the laughter, gasps and marveling at the technology that went into making this movie.

“Happy Feet Two” opens in theaters Friday.

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