Hallie Mossett, 16, began her gymnastic career at only 5 years old when she attended a summer camp with a friend from school. It was supposed to be for fun, but Hallie fell in love with gymnastics that summer.

By the fall, she had enrolled at All Olympia Gymnastics Academy and was well on her way to the top.

In 2003, at only 8 years old, the Los Angeles native who now attends Mar Vista High School, won the all-around title in every competition in which she competed. She swept the gold medals at the Level 5 Sectionals (Levels 1-3 are beginners. At level 4, gymnasts are eligible for competition).

At the Level 5 State Championships, she won gold medals on every event except vault. Hallie repeated similar results in 2004 as a level 6. At the Level 6 Sectionals, she swept the gold medals on everything, including the all-around.

This level of success continued as Hallie breezed through levels and became a force at competitions, and by 2007 she competed at the highest level, a 10 and an international elite gymnast.

In 2009, Mossett made the Junior USA Team, when in her first meet she helped the USA team to win a gold medal ahead of Japan.

Hallie is currently a senior international elite, and a member of the Senior U.S. National Gymnastics team and has high hopes of becoming a member of a world championship and Olympic team.

With her skills and dedication, there isn’t much doubt she will accomplish her goals.

To stay updated on Hallie and her accomplishments, visit her website at www.halliemossett.com