Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite musicians, or performers?

TV One features two of the best shows on television that gives you the 4-1-1 on the celebrities who entertained us and rocked our world.

One of the best shows on television is TV One’s “Unsung.” You don’t have to be a music lover, or nostalgia buff to be totally captivated by this show. It has all the drama, laughs, tears, heartbreak and triumphs that a program can muster.

It’s history, filled with life lessons, and for anyone aspiring to become a superstar in the music world, it’s very sobering and a must see.

“Unsung” spotlights musicians, singers, singing groups, you name it, folks who reached the top and then suddenly, they were gone. Back in the day there was no TMZ or Internet to alert fans that something bad was brewing with their favorite performers; for the most part these folks just disappeared from the music scene. “Unsung” breaks it down for us with the who, what, when, where and how it happened from the artist themselves.

The popular series of one-hour biographies celebrates the lives and careers of successful artists or groups who, despite great talent, have not received the level of recognition they deserve or whose stories have never been told. “Unsung” also strives to help provide the full picture of Black music in America beyond the acknowledged superstars and household names like Aretha, Whitney, Stevie and Marvin.

“We are amazed and delighted that in its fourth season, the audience can’t get enough of ‘Unsung,’ and the series is experiencing its highest ratings ever,” said Toni Judkins, TV One executive vice president of programming and production. “And, no matter how many episodes we produce, we continually have a strong list of candidates for new ones. The talent pool is so deep; there are so many remarkable artists who have had incredible raw talent and amazing careers, and whose remarkable stories have never been told. We are very happy to keep bringing our viewers more of these incredible, real-life stories.”

The other show, TV One’s “Life After,” is now in its second season and it does for television performers what “Unsung” is doing for music. The popular series explores some of America’s most intriguing celebrities from the perspective of the turning points that have forever changed their lives, be they public or private, triumphant or tragic.

The half-hour series shares with viewers the real, behind-the-scenes stories of the transformative events in the lives of public figures–incorporating their own personal perspectives. The series shares their joy and happiness, pain and loss, while also revealing the ways in which they evolved from these experiences to a more fulfilling “life after …”

Part biography, part confessional and all a celebration of the human spirit, each episode of “Life After” focuses on a well-known person and tells his or her life-changing story, featuring exclusive interviews with the celebrities themselves, family members, friends, and professional colleagues, as well as rare clips and archival footage.

“Life After” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Keep checking the TV One schedule because there are lots of reruns. Currently, crooner Christopher Williams and actress A.J. Johnson are featured. “Unsung” is gearing up for a new season.

And if you’ve never seen TV One’s “Unsung” or “Life After,” fret not, because you can catch a number of their shows on TV One’s website; just go to www.tvoneonline.com and pick your favorite shows to view full episodes. Check local listings for TV One show times.

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