Help comes in the most unlikely places.

When you need a little advice, you know you can always ask your best friend or your mama. You might find what you need online or through a brochure. You’ve asked the pros for help before and gotten good results. But where do you get personal advice when you don’t want to actually talk to anyone?

How about Oprah? Some of the things you learned by watching her show, well, you’ll never forget them–which is why you’ll want to read the new book, “O’s Best Advice Ever!” by the editors of O, The Oprah Magazine.

If you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re old enough to know what you want in life and where you’re going–but admit it: sometimes, it’s nice to have a little nudge in the right direction.

That’s where “O’s Best Advice Ever!” (c.2011, Oxmoor House, $29.95 / $32.95; Canada, 320 pages, includes index) comes in handy.

If your health is an issue, Dr. Oz owns a good chunk of this book. Find out how to reduce stress, stay sharp, eat right, lose weight, stock your medicine cabinet, stay well in the winter, and why you shouldn’t wear shoes in your house. Then, Bob Greene weighs in on weight, and why you might be better off accepting those last seven pounds….

Who doesn’t want to save money in this economy? From Suze Orman, you’ll learn that tidying your office files could lead to a tidy little bank deposit. Clean up, straighten up, throw out paperwork you don’t need anymore, and watch your financial life improve. Bonus: you’ll have a clutter-free house, too.

Get a little boost in your overall life with Dr. Phil, who offers 10 steps for renewing yourself and nine ways to survive the upcoming holidays. Oh, and forget New Years’ resolutions: he has resolutions you can use now.

Columnist Martha Beck offers five “best” pieces of advice and a trust test. Lisa Kogan adds thought-starters on patience and keeping magic in your heart. Nate Berkus helps spiff up your house and Adam Glassman polishes up your wardrobe.

Then, just for fun, check out a smattering of Oprah’s best throughout the years: friends, reflections, interviews, and her observations of life.

Did you ever rip out a magazine article to save, only to forget where you saved it? You won’t have to worry about things like that when you’ve got all you need, bound up in a book like this.

“O’s Best Advice Ever!” is a little bit different than the other anthologies from O, The Oprah Magazine. This book is more targeted, with pages and pages of different-length articles from experts you know and a wealth of wisdom from Oprah herself. That latter part was what I liked: interviews with Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Jerry Seinfeld, and others serve to remind us why we’ve followed Oprah for more than 25 years.

Overall, “O’s Best Advice Ever!” is a browser’s paradise with a good mix of fun and fact. If you’re looking for useful-but-lighter reading, you can’t help but love this book.