So Ralph’s is looking for a few good employees to help them stay open in case of a strike from grocery workers.

The union representing Southland grocery workers has issued a notice of its intention to cancel the contract extension under which union members have been working since March. The union issued the 72-hour notice yesterday, meaning that theoretically, a work stoppage could occur as early as Sunday night.

A total of 604,000 people, 12.5%, were unemployed in August in Los Angeles County, which has a labor force of about 4.85 million. Statewide, 2.175 million people were out of work, up by 8,000 over the previous month.

The unemployment rate nationally for Blacks was 16.7 percent last month. This is according to the latest report on the nations employment situation released Friday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly Employment Situation report. This rate was an increase from July, when unemployment in the Black community stood at 15.9 percent.

For African-Americans in California, the unemployment rate is 20.3%.

Click here to apply using Ralph’s online application.

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