AT&T has enhanced its network in and around the Los Angeles Convention Center to provide attendees at the West Coast Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center with improved wireless coverage and capacity–helping to provide consistent speeds and increased reliability in wireless service for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. AT&T is also a sponsor of the Expo, which expects more than 50,000 participants.

“The Expo attracts a wide range of people with its green, technology, health and business focuses and we’ve worked hard to enhance our network at the convention center,” said Andy Shibley, general manager of the Greater Los Angeles Region for AT&T.

Shibley reported that the increased coverage at the Los Angeles Convention Center is just one aspect of the AT&T commitment to network improvements throughout the Greater Los Angeles Region.

“We’ve invested $450 million in network improvements over the past three years in this region to provide the best available wireless voice and data service to our customers, both Angelenos and out-of-town visitors,” said Shibley.