Young entrepreneur Zac Clark is more than prepared to wreak havoc in the fashion industry as his controversial brand begins what he hopes will be the height of success.

The brand, ‘kcuFthePopulation,’ abbreviated ‘FTP,’ was merely a thought back in March 2010; it was an idea conjured up by Clark and his business partners Yamen Sanders and Maurice Myles. “I was just always into clothing and wanted to do something besides baseball, which I no longer play,” states Clark. The brand also came about to counter the oppression due to the norms and standards society has in place.

On one hand, the name ‘kcuFthePopulation’ may be liable for the stirring of controversy because of its subliminally profane nature. However, the brand name is also a fair representation of everything it’s creators stand for. It is also a testament to the originality and carefree attitude the young men treasure. It could be part of the reaons why ‘FTP’ has the potential to become a movement instead of just another clothing line.

Clark, Sanders and Myles are seniors at Culver City High School where they have many loyal customers, and at one point there were some attempts to have ‘FTP’ banned at the school. But, they were not fazed. Overwhelming support from students of Culver made it difficult for any administrator to initiate banning the clothing on campus.

Scott Sasso’s 10 Deep Clothing inspires their line, as well as other brands such as HUF and Diamond Supply Co. “My ultimate goal for FTP is to spread the message to the world,” Clark says. The message depicted is one that encourages people to stop caring about what others think of them and to just be themselves. The trio also aspire to open a store in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles to barter their merchandise.

Clark humbly admits that he has no desire to become as colossal as Nike; his top priority is his message, not money or fame.

It requires a heap of courage and self-motivation to embark on a feat such as starting a clothing line, but Clark and his partners have a message to get across, and say they are in this for the long haul. They characterize themselves as young and rebellious, which is why their designs are ideal for a majority of today’s youth. There is no doubt that Zac Clark, Yamen Sanders and Maurice Myles will gain their well-deserved notoriety soon.

The line varies from crewnecks to snapbacks, and they also offer ‘FTP’ stickers, buttons and tanks. There will be new items available at the beginning of August. To know more about the ‘kcuFthePopulation’ movement, or to make a purchase, visit