Bloggers around the world are setting new standards for the young, innovative American dream.

While many young people are still stuck to cable television and trying to figure out exactly how they’re going to ‘Keep Up with the Kardashians,’ others have found a new source of lifestyle influencers like the new extremely rich and famous New York sweetheart Vashtie Kola.

Kola’s blog lets her minions and young crushing lads into her world as an ex-superstar girlfriend, style icon, down-to-earth, working class, and independent “it” girl. Her blog features her every day life working, going to events, taking the subway, eating chic vegetarian food, and being absolutely adorable.

While Kim Kardashian and other traditional it girls are posing stunts to stir up the press such as being caught up in porno videos with celebrities, Vashtie on the other hand is behind the scenes living it up by landing gigs that will have her name written down in history.

Kola is responsible for creating the first female Jordan shoe and still she humbly walks around the big city bumping into fellow bloggers on subways and in cafés.

This change in idols is great for people my age; knowing there are regular people with lifestyles to look up to; people who are a little closer to home, who we can sit right next to them and look for guidance, pass us by in a Ferrari on La Brea.

For years, Kola has received press from hip magazines such as Fader, Paper, and Nylon (just to name a few), but most recently she has been recognized by the New York Times in an article that showcased her accomplishments as a trend setter for many girls who can relate to her laid back, “lady boy” style.

Kola has also directed more than 20 music videos for artists such as Justin Beiber, Solange Knowles, and Jadakiss, as well as a Pepsi commercial staring and the band LMFAO. She also hosted a ’90s party that became familiar among New York cool-kids and mega stars such as Jay-Z and her good friend Q-Tip.

At 30 years old, and a 2004 graduate from film school, Kola is the epitome of success. She does not appear unbelievably wealthy, but it is obvious from her demeanor that she has mastered the art of keeping it real while remaining classy.

Kola’s eclectic interest in music, art, and fashion is a result of her growing up in Albany, NY., and working in Soho at the Stussy store.

Fortunately, she is now grabbing the attention of not just the Hip Hop/Street Culture community that has supported her since the ’90s but she was even featured in the Italian Vogue Black issue.

Just like Kola, bloggers all over the world are changing the definition of being successful. She is not gaudy in her appearance nor is she dodging screaming fans; she is simply just an uptown self-made young woman in New York and an icon young Black girls can look up to.