This Saturday will mark the two-year anniversary of the death of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. In the time since his passing, the circumstances surrounding his death, his estate and his children have been headline news.

Shortly following Jackson’s death, when it was determined that he died from cardiac arrest as a result of a drug overdose, all eyes focused on Jackson’s personal physician, Conrad Murray, who was allegedly giving Jackson high dosages of propofol, a sleep aid that is only supposed to be administered in a hospital setting.

Murray has been back and forth to court regarding the incident and has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Trial is set for September 2011.

In regards to the MJ estate, it was projected that before Jackson’s death he was nearly $400 million in debt, but new documents recently released showed that since the Pop superstar’s death his estate has accrued more than $310 million.

The debate over Michael’s children has always been a controversial topic. Since their births, there has been debate on whether or not the children were really his, and the way that he cared for them, i.e. only letting them leave the home in masks and veils, and the infamous hanging of youngest child “Blanket” over a hotel balcony.

Nevertheless, since his death, Jackson’s mother Katherine has taken full custody of the children, and they have been seen unveiled in public. Come fall, it is rumored that the youngsters may actually begin private school, as opposed to the home-schooling they have had all of their lives.

In recognition of the anniversary of Michael’s death, Channel Islands Helicopter company will take flights over his Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, and spots are currently being booked.