LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Robbery-Homicide detectives have taken charge of the investigation into the beating of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodger Stadium on opening day, police said today.

Giovanni Ramirez, 31, remains locked up on a parole hold in the attack, which left Bryan Stow with a fractured skull and brain injuries, but he has yet to be charged in the March 31 beating.

Officers and detectives assigned to the Northeast Station put in hundreds of hours of overtime into making the May 22 arrest, but the case was turned over to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, which typically handles high-profile cases.

Ramirez has claimed police arrested the wrong man, and that video from a hotel would show he had hair a day after the attack and could not have been the shaved-head suspect shown in a police sketch.

On Monday, a judge issued an order preventing the LAPD from destroying any video that would support that contention.

A parole-revocation hearing is set for June 20.

Stow, a 42-year-old paramedic from Northern California, was attacked in a parking lot after the game, which the Dodgers won. Police said Stow was targeted solely because he was wearing Giants gear.

Ramirez has claimed he was with his 10-year-old daughter when the beating occurred.