World renown rapper/producer Lil’ Jon was recently fired from Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” which airs on NBC. Although he made it to the final four, which also included Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin, Rock Icon Meatloaf, and Country Western singer/songwriter John Rich, Lil’ Jon apparently didn’t have the confidence that he could win it all for his charity, United Methodist Children’s Home and become the new celebrity apprentice so, he hung himself.

In the rounds leading up to the final four, Nene Leakes, using street warfare attacked Star Jones every chance she could get. She accused Star of being less than honorable to secure a place on the show. Star refused to stoop to Nene’s level, at one point sighting Nene’s lack of education as part of the problem. When Trump tried to resolve the issue by putting Nene on the men’s team, Nene was not happy however, Star was thrilled. Nene eventually walked off the show saying that Trump favored Star and she didn’t think it was fair. Is it the ‘field hand’ versus the ‘house slave’ for the approval of the master that prompted these actions by Lil’ Jon and Nene?

Slavery officially ended in 1865, but what about the ramifications of slavery? No matter how high we get in society do some African Americans still harbor a sense of inferiority? Did we buy into the myth that Whites are somehow superior? Furthermore, do some of us continue to feel superior to Blacks who aren’t on our economic, professional or educational level? And if we don’t have the pedigree or degrees, do we resort to anger and bullying to make headway? Or are we so convinced that mainstream America is so racist at its core, that it’s folly to expect a fair shake?

When I see actions like those I saw of “Celebrity Apprentice,” I have to say yes to all the questions above.

For the last decade, Lil’ Jon has been one of the most prominent figures in music. Known best for his role in creating and popularizing the southern movement and lifestyle known as Crunk, Lil’ Jon has become one of the most sought-after artists and producers in Hip Hop. He’s smart, confident and a risk taker.

Lil’ Jon confused not only his team, but the Trumps, because of his mellow demeanor; they wanted to see him sweat, but he didn’t.

As part of the elimination process that would narrow the final four to only two contenders, the celebrities were subjected to intense interviews conducted by a panel of three past Celebrity Apprentice winners–Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and Bret Michaels. Their job was to offer recommendations to Trump on who should be the final two.

Lil’ Jon stood his ground on the fact that he had an outstanding record of participating and by winning two challenges. But when Pierce Morgan asked him who did he think would be the final two, he named Rich and Matlin. The panel was shocked, and so was I. When he was challenged regarding his answer, he started to back peddle, but it was too late. The damage was done.

Lil’ Jon, born Jonathan Mortimer Smith in 1971 Atlanta was also surprised to learn that Rich would not have chosen him to go head to head in the competition. Rich said he would pick Matlin.

What Lil’ Jon didn’t realize was the Rich saw him as a worthy opponent, and indeed he was right.

Lil’ Jon would have walked all over him.

Trump told Lil’ Jon that former boxing champion, Lennox Lewis also didn’t pick himself to win in the 2009 season for the same reason Lil’ Jon gave, and he fired Lewis, too. I don’t know what Lewis’ trip was, he was born in England and raised in Canada, but regardless he’s a Black man.

Nene Leakes was also a surprise. The undisputed star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Nene was outspoken and in your face, and she carried that same image to “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Nene was a team player, Trump constantly asked for a candid opinions and she delivered. But Star just rubbed her the wrong way. But instead of trying to beat Star at her own game, Nene went on the attack which made her look very weak.

That was forgiven, what was not, was walking off the show. Trump called and asked her to comeback. I think she wanted some kind of apology from Trump for appearing to favor Star Jones; that was not going to happen. In the end, Trump expressed his disappointment in Nene and called her a coward.

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