The Inglewood Police Department recently completed its final assessment of crime statistics for 2010. Overall reported crimes in the past year were the lowest in 32 years. The total represents a 14 percent decrease compared to 2009.

The 2010 crime statistics show a reduction in almost every category compared to 2009. Overall, violent crime decreased by 19 percent, with a 26 percent decrease in homicides and 21 percent reduction in robberies. Property crimes decreased 12 percent, with an 8 percent decrease in burglaries and 17 percent reduction in larcenies.

Although pleased with the reduction in reported crime, the Inglewood Police Department continues to focus its strategies on ensuring public safety and the continued reduction of crime in the city. The department has implemented new patrol strategies that target high crime areas and established a task force to focus on crimes linked to street gangs. Members of the task force, along with other units within the department, continue to work jointly with neighboring law-enforcement agencies to address violent crime in the city and its neighboring municipalities.

The crime statistics can be viewed on the Inglewood Police Department webpage at

The lowered crime trend isn’t confined to Inglewood. The city of Lynwood recently released reports saying that murders fell 21 percent in 2010 from 2009, and firearm assaults fell 33 percent.

Among Los Angeles County cities, Pasadena had the second largest per capita drop at 15.9 percent.

The Antelope Valley has seen massive reductions, with violent crime rate falling by 31 percent in 2010, a 26 percent drop for Palmdale. Homicides in the AV declined 51 percent.

“This is a testament to the hard work and effort put forth by our (Los Angeles County) Sheriff’s Department under the leadership of Bobby Denham,” Palmdale City Manager Steve Williams said. “We will continue to work hard to drive down our crime rate.”

In Lancaster, violent crime fell 34 percent, and property crimes fell 12.1 percent per capita in 2010. The biggest accomplishment came with the decline in vehicle theft, with 340 fewer instances of theft.