He’s on the WE Cable Channel; Sinbad’s “It’s Just Family” a six-episode, one hour reality series, Tuesdays at 4 and 10 p.m., giving us an inside look at a man reuniting with his family and getting his career back on track.

He’s as funny as ever, but he’s got some competition, his two children are hilarious, and his wife is giving him a run for his money too.

Speaking of money after the IRS got through with Sinbad he lost his home, and a number of his possessions. We catch him moving into his wife’s home who he remarried after being divorced from her for 10 years.

His children also moved in–now in their twenties, they have lives and career aspirations of their own, but now they are back at home attempting to live under one roof.

Sinbad is very honest with his situation. He’s on an uphill climb in more ways than one. But he’s doing it with his own brand of humor and class.

There’s a very funny clip online that shows him going to purchase a car. He knows his credit is less than credible, and plays a running game with the salesman. The very nervous salesman keeps insisting that Sinbad fill out paperwork while he steps out of the room, but to Sinbad it doesn’t make sense for him to do the unnecessary paperwork.

The very nervous salesman returns with bad news for Sinbad involving his credit, telling him in order for him to get the car he’d have to make a very substantial down payment. It doesn’t look good for our boy, but Sinbad tells him not to worry he’s got that all handled and pulls out a plastic bag full of cash, the surprised salesman asked how much it is, and after a little word play, Sinbad reveals it’s about $16,000. Proving once again that money talks and he didn’t have to fill out the paperwork either.

“Sinbad’s story is one of second chances,” WE’s Senior Vice President, John Miller said in a recent published report. “It’s remarkable and heartwarming, but not without its drama, conflict and chaos.”

Ranked by Comedy Central as one of the Top 100 Stand-up Comedians of all time, Sinbad known for his clean humor, shuns the term ‘comeback.’

“A comeback implies that you were gone,” said Sinbad, who points out that he’s consistently worked the stand-up circuit since the 1980s. “A lot of stars from the past didn’t go away–maybe Hollywood went away–and they’re still just as gifted.”

Sinbad told L.A. Times writer T.L. Stanley, “The show’s not designed to have people throwing down on each other all the time, so that’s not what will bring in an audience,” he said. “Maybe it’ll be nostalgia? I don’t know. I just want to make people laugh. And if the show’s good, I hope it’ll find an audience looking for something that’s not negative and depressing.”

Sinbad’s “It’s Just Family” is truly funny and heartwarming at the same time. His wife Meredith is concerned about all his junk now invading her home; he fast talks her, but she holds her ground.

He needs privacy and space, but so does his daughter, 25 year old Paige, who has also got her sights on singing professionally. She can’t be alone with her boyfriend without a family member being around, and puts her name on her food in the refrigerator.

Her younger brother 22 year old Royce, a student at the Art Institute of California, seems to be the only one truly happy with the new family arrangement, but surely he will have issues in the upcoming episodes.

Sinbad “It’s Just Family” airs on WE Cable Channel, “The Braxton Family Values,” a candid look at singer Toni Braxton and her sisters.

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