A man who works for the city of Los Angeles, and was shot by Los Angeles Police in what his family and friends are calling a wrongful death, was buried recently in Roosevelt Cemetery. His street maintenance co-workers attended the services and many were clad in their bright yellow vests.

Roger Williams, 41, affectionately known as Cris allegedly drove up to crime suppression LAPD officers in the 77th Division involved in a pedestrian stop. He was honking his horn and screaming at police. Officers say Rogers got of his car waving a semi-automatic hand gun and continued to scream obscenities. Official accounts say the father of four put the hand gun on the hood of his car and began walking toward the officers and screaming. Despite orders to stop, police say Rogers continued to advance on them, and reached for his waistband.

The two officers opened fire, striking Rogers several times in the upper torso. He died at the scene.

However witness accounts tell a different story. They say Rogers was shot while sitting in his car and that it took paramedics about 15 minutes to arrive.

Family members say they are demanding justice for Rogers and claim that he was a family man who was not involved in gang-banging or anything illegal.