LOS ANGELES, Calif.–According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College, which has locations across the Southland, 77 percent of Americans are stressed by at least one thing at work, including low pay, annoying co-workers or hefty workloads.

“We’ve seen numerous surveys that confirm workplace stress has increased during the last several years, and this time we wanted to rank from top to bottom some of the root causes,” according to Wendy Cullen, vice president of employer development for Everest College. “Most employers are becoming well aware of the need to address rising employee stress, and those who don’t address it are likely to suffer lower morale and productivity.”

According to the study, based on a survey of nearly 1,000 adults, 14 percent cited low pay as the most stressful aspect of their job. Other top sources of stress were commuting (11 percent), unreasonable workload (9 percent), fear of being fired or laid off (9 percent), annoying co-workers (8 percent), the boss (5 percent), poor work-life balance (5 percent) and lack of chances for advancement (4 percent).

The survey also found that 21 percent of respondents had no job stress, while married people were generally less stressed that singles.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with April’s National Stress Awareness Month.