RICHMOND, Va. (–Through a partnership with the nonprofit church growth consulting group, Urban Awareness USA, the National Church Purchasing Group Inc. (NCPG), the nation’s largest ministry group purchasing organization, and its corporate sponsors are funding a unique two-part Ministry Resource Development Program.

The first part of NCPG’s two-step program is to provide live training and education to churches in nine cities. They are: Richmond, Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Chicago, Birmingham, Baltimore, Minneapolis and Charlotte, N.C. These live educational events are designed to teach ministries:
1) how to secure more funding from non-government funding sources for ministry
2) how to improve administrative operations of ministry and
3) how to improve the overall effectiveness of ministry

The second component is long-term technical assistance. As part of the program, ministries will receive continuing educational and infrastructure development assistance to ensure they successfully implement what they have learned during the education component of the program.
Mark Towell, president of NCPG, developed the program as a way to give back to the ministries that do so much for their communities.

“I’m always inspired when I meet pastors and church leaders that genuinely care about the people they serve,” Towell said in a recent interview. “These folks work very hard to make a difference and they deserve the help this program provides. And I can’t say enough good things about the generous sponsors who have partnered with us to make all this possible…. It’s truly a blessing to work with good people who believe in the importance of giving back.”

The live educational events are open to the public. Each event will feature up to 30 leading experts in church growth and development, including such areas as Church Attendance and Membership Growth, Ministry Development, Pastoral Succession Planning, Asset Protection, IRS Audit Prevention for Churches, Church Leadership, Church Conflict Resolution, Church Fund Development, Grant Writing, Capital Campaign, Church Construction, Real Estate Development, Tax Credits, the Use of Drama and Arts in Ministry, the Use of Technology in Ministry and dozens more.

The long-term technical assistance portion of the program is free to those who attend the live events, but has limited availability. The focus of the long-term program is ministry growth, grant writing, ministry fund development and ministry administration.

In a recent interview, Tracy J. Brown, CEO of Urban Awareness USA, said: “I was raised in severe poverty and I remember the important role the church played in helping me overcome my circumstances. This Ministry Resource Development Program is going to help churches reach more children who are experiencing the same hardships that I once did…. So, yes, I’m very excited about this program and deeply honored that Mark asked us to participate.”

To help churches conveniently access the Ministry Resource Development Program, organizers have developed a special website. To receive tickets to a live educational event, obtain additional information or to apply for a scholarship, please visit
NCPG was organized in 1987 to help relieve churches of the administrative duties associated with purchasing. It started with five ministries in northern Virginia.

NCPG became the administrative deacon for each facility, locating and securing the most professional goods and services at the lowest price.

Today, NCPG is the nation’s largest ministry group purchasing organization (GPO), working nation-wide with over 19,000 ministries.

Urban Awareness USA, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit church growth and development consulting group that was established in 2003 to help churches and community nonprofits enhance the lives of the people in their communities. Urban Awareness USA has served as the White House representative for the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) and founder Tracy J. Brown, has been invited to the White House by three United States presidents. In 2007, Brown received the Congregational Medal of Distinction.

Organizations that are interested in participating in the Ministry Resource Development Program should visit To receive more information about this program, please call (800) 795-6274

To schedule an interview with Mark Towell or Tracy J. Brown, please call Travoris Carnes at (866) 975-8722 ext. 86 or emailCarnes at