This week’s Ultimate Transformation Moment is written for our men. When it comes to our own health and wellness, I want all the men to get up and Let’s Go.

There is an African proverb that asks the question, “Do you build or do you destroy?” I believe that the answer to that question is that we are builders., and as such, we need to begin by building our individual selves. We’re going to make health and wellness a priority for all in our community.

Let’s Go is a program I created, that pulls people together and is based on the core concepts of the book, “21 Days to Ultimate Health and Wellness. “

Let’s Go means that we are making the choice to stop trying and to do.

To do means that we are making the conscious choice to do everything in our power to be the best that we can be in our spiritual, mental and physical lives. With these concepts, we will put together our individual, life-changing programs.

First we will focus on a few spiritual concepts. For those who do not necessarily meditate or pray, we will learn to commune with our individual selves and also develop positive thinking through the use of affirmations.

The second focus is on mental training and that includes personal study. We will seek information that helps benefit us in our individual endeavors. However, if we have an idea, we will learn how to take that idea and see it through to fruition.

Finally, we will focus on our physical presence. Of course, we will also make some basic nutritional changes, in addition to getting out to exercise.

Let’s Go! is the program, and the theme for the men in our communities is re-establishment of health and wellness. Let’s take this moment in time, right now, to choose to make health and wellness a priority.

Let’s not talk about it. Let’s be about it, and let’s go be the builders that we were created to be on this planet.

That’s our Ultimate Transformations Moment. Peace and be more.

Erich Nall is the owner and founder of Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles. He is the author of “21 Days to Ultimate Health and Wellness.” The certified trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and dedicated life coach is a regular guest and commentator on KJLH 102.3 FM’s the “Front Page” with Dominique DiPrima. As founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization, Erich has been assisting youth in the community for more than 20 years.