The Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM) is a grassroots ministry dedicated to helping Los Angeles County at-risk youth develop life skills and spiritual direction. The members of the movement are concerned with impacting the present generation to create a better future, and they offer their services to the community voluntarily.

P4CM has shared the gospel with people all over the world through their Internet testimonials and Ex-shirt campaign which is still going.

The campaign consists of youth who are members of the ministry braving the outside world by laying down their past ungodly ways, and expressing that on a T-shirt. The shirts are customizable and are also available for purchase by the general public. Examples of the T-shirt confessions include EX-athiest, EX-liar, EX-fornicator and many more.

The organization began expanding its effort in 2009 with the “Summer Campaign” which was launched to try to make a difference in the lives of African American and Latino youth.

According to the Center for Disease Control, in the United States 8,000 teenagers contract an Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) daily, and one out of every two African American women and one in four Latino women between the ages of 14-19 have an STD. P4CM visited all of the local Los Angeles high schools and colleges and informed students about how to avoid the pitfalls of premarital sex, drug use, and the gang life.

P4CM identifies their mission as reaching the youth of L.A., before gang violence, teen pregnancy, STDs, and death make them another statistic.

During the Summer Campaign, everyday hundreds of high school youth were engaged by P4CM’s “inner city missionaries,” which include many college students and athletes from UCLA, USC, Claremont College, Biola University, and Florida University.

The P4CM inner-city missionaries are students who travel all over, to different school and youth organizations spreading the message of Christ to youth.

In addition to all of the missionary work P4CM does, each year they hold the “Lyricist Lounge: Spoken Word and Open Mic Poetry Night” which is a Christian poetry event. This year it will be held on Saturday at 4409 W. Adams Blvd. in Los Angeles and begins at 8 p.m.

P4CM’s Lyricist Lounge is known to feature some of the best Christian poets from Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Louis.

Admission to the event will include food and coffee beverages, which will be served all night. Childcare will also be provided for performers. Tickets are $10, if purchased online at and $15 if purchased at the door.

All proceeds from the program will go to P4CM’s inner city missionaries.

If you are interested in being a part of The Movement, monetary donations are welcomed. Make checks payable to: The Passion For Christ Movement and mail to 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110-152 Los Angeles, CA 90045.

For more information on the Passion for Christ Movement, visit