A group of fed-up Inglewood residents, activists, and families took a stand last Saturday as they marched the streets, handing out flyers, demanding peace and an end to violence in the community. After a rash of senseless killings in the city, The House of Amun-Re and the Stop the Violence and Increase the Peace Foundation came together and organized the “March for Peace” rally and call to action. Also in the midst of residents were Kasib, an Islamic leader from Masjid Slaam and Mayor Daniel “Danny” Tabor’s assistant, Cresia Green-Davis.

Those killed in the past few months include 61-year-old Gwendolyn Jefferson, who was shot at Roger’s Park, 30-year-old Ahmid Kabba who was shot on Plymouth and Inglewood Avenues; and 19-year-old wheel-chair-bound Kevin Williams. He was shot and killed Dec. 13 in the 3500 block of West Imperial Highway./OW photo by Nash Baker.