LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Four teenagers and a 20-year-old were arrested in a series of search warrant services at six locations today, all from a tagger gang known as “AI,” which stands for “Always Intoxicated” or “Artistic Illusions,” authorities said.

The warrants were served around 7 a.m. in the downtown Los Angeles area by the sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau, said Sgt. Augie Pando.

The vandalism, estimated to have caused between $60,000 and $71,000 in damage, was committed on Metro buses and trains beginning in 2008 when the suspects traveled between homes, work and school, Pando said.

Detectives also believe that there may be other victims and that the damage could exceed $100,000. Also, the suspects were involved in other crimes such as petty theft, attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Arrested were Marvin Bonola, 19, known as “Flame,” Frankie Lozado, 19, known as “Mohde,” Andrew Salazar, 19, known as “Drue,” and Horvyn Henriquez, 20, known as “Mesk.”

Also taken into custody was a juvenile who went by the name of “Syborg.”

Anyone with additional information on the case was asked to call Lt. Vince Carter at (213) 922-3508.