A few weeks ago, we began to explore chakras, the origins of our energies, both spiritually and physically.

As a refresher, the chakras are points in the body at which energy is circulated, transferred and received from one point to another. Those who swear by chakras (not necessarily those belonging to a specific religion) believe each energy point is responsible for how we keep in tune with God, nature and one another.

Balancing your chakras–depending on your spiritual flexibility and understanding–is important for operating at your maximum potential, especially these days in a world of superficiality and spiritual pollution. According to the “chakra-believers,” the product of the chakras’ condition manifests in our everyday lives. For example, someone whose solar-plexus chakra is unbalanced may be overly emotional. Or perhaps you would like to be more discerning, so you may take the route of balancing your third-eye chakra, which is located in the brow area.

There are several ways to put your energy in order, but sound is the one we are going to focus on this time.

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” Well, we can substitute the saying, “you are what you listen to and what you say.”

As always, we can look to our ancestors, when we discuss our current spiritual practices.

Egyptians believed sound vibrations promoted healing; they believed vibrations were the key to creation, and connecting with the universal God. They, along with other ancient civilizations, believed that vibrations were the origins of life.

Sounds–the vibrations we make through our spoken words, our attitudes and the music we listen to–have the power to elevate us to new levels in our spiritual lives as well as the power to poison the spiritual wealth and health of any individual within range.

Experts such as author Richard Jelusich believe music and our spoken words send out vibrations that may influence people emotionally or turn a good atmosphere sour.

Jelusic, who wrote of “Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras,” wrote, “Sound is but one path, but it is incredibly powerful, as sound vibrations are not only heard by the ears, but by your whole body.”

He continued, “Harmonious and symmetrical music seems to have an elevating effect on our emotions and helps to create an increased sense of well-being. Music that is discordant seems to have the opposite effect, though there are infinite variations.”

When working to balance your chakras and seeking to protect your spiritual health, experts advise that you guard your body, mind and soul from sound vibrations that disrupt your spirit and chakras. But good sound vibrations can heal your soul.

“If the sound is ‘pulsed’ at specific frequencies, it can create a shift not only in consciousness, but in healing of the body/mind as a whole,” Jelusich explained. “The mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a human being can be healed by using your own voice as the sound medium.”

The type of music also plays an important role in keeping our spirits at peace, our chakras balanced, and our minds healthy. William Buhlman, author of “The Secret of the Soul” noted that music has the power to shift your consciousness.

“Sound has a profound impact on our subtle nonphysical energy body. Many modern forms of music such as rap and hard rock owe their popularity to the fact that they stimulate the lower energy centers of the body and initiate an immediate shift in consciousness,” Buhlman said.

He added that it is extremely important to monitor what you hear and be aware of the impact music has, because it has historically proven to be able to “manipulate the masses.”

So, when seeking to enlighten, uplift, and bring order into your life by re-aligning your chakras, keep in mind that the words you listen to, the vibration your body feels through sound and music affect your spiritual well-being.

Recommended ways of nurturing your soul with sound include mantra chanting, listening to soothing music or simple pure tones and chimes.

Chanting and listening to “trance” music may not be a normal way of finding spiritual balance to many, especially those brought up in the church, but when we sing in the choir or pray, we send out vibrations into the atmosphere and enliven something within our own bodies and souls.

For further reading, check out serenitycenteroflight.com or “The ABC’s of Chakra Therapy” by Deedre Diemer.