The Compton Union Council PTA/PTSA (Parent Teacher Association) and the 33rd District PTA are currently sponsoring a district wide membership drive in an effort to encourage the families throughout the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) to join.

The drive’s goal is to recruit parents and community members interested in volunteering at any one of CUSD’s 39 elementary, middle, high schools and alternative schools.

Volunteer duties include advocating for schools at the state and national level to support all legislation considered “student friendly.”

Currently CUSD PTA’s have been urged to recruit new members before the March 16, 2011 deadline so that the organization can qualify for state recruitment awards.

Compton Union Council PTA/PTSA President Christine Jones stresses the impact current and future volunteers can have on their children.

“As part of our organization, community members who are concerned with the education of our children will receive training and resources that will develop them to become leaders,” she explained. “Because of the PTA’s efforts, members continue to have an impact on student achievement, nutrition and other important issues like bullying and gang prevention.”

For more information, prospective volunteers can visit their school’s PTA office. Interested parties can also contact Christine Jones at (310) 639-4321, ext. 65806.