Southern California Edison recently joined the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) to launch EDTA’s new comprehensive website that provides consumers with information about buying, owning, and driving plug-in electric vehicles.

On the new website, consumers can calculate savings, find incentives, learn about the environmental benefits of owning an electric car, and view some of the new plug-in electric vehicles available or coming soon to auto showrooms.

“Southern California is expected to be one of the first and potentially one of the largest markets for plug-in electric vehicles in the country,” said Pedro Pizarro, executive vice president of SCE’s power operations. “SCE is committed to assisting customers as they select a plug-in electric vehicle.”

SCE has even made it easier for their customers to estimate the cost of fueling an electric vehicle and the potential impact on their electricity bill with its online “Plug-in Car Rate Assistant.”
The assistant is part of the company’s ongoing electric vehicle readiness effort focused on educating customers.

EDTA developed with the support of a 62-member team representing auto, battery, charging and utility companies as well as industry and government organizations.

“This unprecedented collaboration allows us to provide consumers reliable, complete and timely information about plug-in electric vehicles,” said EDTA President Brian Wynne.

“ is a unique and comprehensive resource for consumers, who want to learn more about plug-in electric vehicles, incentives for purchasing vehicles and driving and ownership benefits.”

“By fueling vehicles at the grid rather than at the gas pump, Americans can help reduce emissions from internal combustion engines, increase fuel economy and realign our transportation energy needs toward domestic resources,” said Ted Craver, chairman and CEO of Edison International and co-chair of the EDTA board of directors.

Key features of include:
* Plug-in and Save Calculator–lets consumers see their financial and carbon footprint savings from driving plug-in electric vehicles

* Plug-in Locator–allows consumers to find incentives and resources in their local communities, including links to local utilities

* Virtual Showroom–provides photos of and information on nearly 20 plug-in electric vehicles available or soon to be launched

* Q&As and Educational Videos–answers to questions about batteries, charging, driving and environmental benefits of plug-in electric vehicles.