LOS ANGELES, Calif.–A 54-year-old man claiming he was a Department of Motor Vehicles employee who could obtain driver’s licenses and Social Security cards for cash was arrested in the Mid-City area, police said today.

Julio Alvitres, also known as Julio Cesar Campos, targeted Mexicans, Central and South American nationals in the Mid-City area asking if they were interested in obtaining the identification cards.

Alvitres carried a fake Department of Motor Vehicles employee card, claiming he was an employee of the department in West Covina.

Alvitres would tell his victims that the cost of an identification card would be $3,000 and most of his victims put down $500 to $1,000. He’d tell them they could pay the balance upon delivery. However, once the down payment was made, Alvitres was gone.

Alvitres was arrested Sunday on suspicion of possession of forged identification. He was freed after posting $20,000 bond.