Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris remain virtually neck-and-neck in the vote count for the Attorney General’s race, and as of Nov. 17 Harris had edged past Cooley with 46 percent of ballots cast versus 45.67 percent.

According to the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office, the counties are still completing their official canvas of votes and do not have to report totals until 31 calendar days after the election.

At that point, each of the state’s 58 counties must submit their official results, and then the SOS must certify the election results by Dec. 10.

If there is to be a recount, it must be requested in writing with county elections official(s) by any voter, within five days after the close of canvass (which will be November 30). The recount is done by county, and written requests must be sent to each.

The cost of the recount is assumed by the voter requesting it.