LOS ANGELES, Calif.–The Los Angeles City Council took a step today toward opening the mothballed Children’s Museum and Environmental Awareness Center at Hansen Dam and having Santa Ana-based Discovery Science Center run it.

The council signed off on a proposed memorandum of understanding with the Discovery Science Center on the design, fabrication and installation of exhibits, and the operation and maintenance of the Children’s Museum.

With the memorandum of understanding, the city would be able to apply for a state grant of $7 million to complete the Children’s Museum.

“Today’s action moves us one step closer to our goal of having a world-class Children’s Museum in the city of Los Angeles, and opens the opportunity for the Discovery Science Center, a top-notch organization with a track record of success, to operate the facility,” said Councilman Richard Alarcon.

He called it “a great win for the children of Los Angeles, as the Discovery Science Center has the knowledge and experience to make the Children’s Museum a premier destination for children in the city, a place for children to learn, play and grow.”

When the Children’s Museum declared bankruptcy in November 2009, the city took control of the 57,000-square-foot facility.

The Discovery Science Center is a local nonprofit operator currently operating a 59,000-square-foot facility in Santa Ana.