Dear Readers,
I recently received a letter accusing me of being a “Black male basher” because of an article I wrote last week entitled the “Black Woman’s Dating Dilemma,” and after recently seeing the documentary “Diary of a Tired Black Man,” I felt I was being unfairly grouped into the “angry Black woman” category that the film shed light on.

In the letter I received, a very passionate Vincent Baker made a few comments that I would like to highlight.

“Your article was an insult to the thousands of Black males with strong family values and structures who care for their women. I also think that you insulted the Black males (who) are confident about themselves and their manhood, and don’t fear their masculinity (being) challenged.”

“Let’s start with ourselves and talk about all of the positive aspects of the Black male and people. Stop glorifying the White male, as the news media does daily. He doesn’t deserve it. Talk about the brothers with college degrees, successful businesses, careers, marriages, and fathers (who) are at home with their children, and brothers (who) would walk on water for their women. The respect has to start with us.”

I feel that the intent of my article was misunderstood. Never once did I claim to agree with the statements that Williams made in her article. I simply acknowledged the things that had twinges of truth, and dismissed all else as her opinion. I ended the article making that point clear, and defending by saying the reasons Williams gave were not motivation to turn our backs on our Black men.

I would like to make it clear that I DO believe that there are good, straight, single Black men out there, and I know that many Black women believe that to be the case as well. So, I plan to dedicate a future article to highlighting these men. As my faithful readers, I would like you all to help me by nominating men you know to be featured. Nominees must fit the following criteria:

1. African American
2. Ages 18-35
3. Gainfully employed
4. Never convicted of a felony
5. If he has children, he must be a good father to those children, providing both financial and emotional support and should be willing to provide verification.
6. Has been in a non-violent, monogamous relationship for at least six months.

If you are, or know a man who fits these criteria, please send his name, and contact information to or to our mailing address: 8732 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90047, attn: Juliana Norwood. Deadline is Wednesday Oct. 27, 2010.
The original article “Black Woman’s Dating Dilemma” and Vincent Baker’s entire letter can be read online at