Let’s face it, we’re living in some tough times, and when the going gets tough … we eat.

We eat a whole lot of junk or comfort foods; the dishes mom used to make or still does.

Sometimes that food is good to us but not good for us, hence obesity, diabetes and love handles.

Wouldn’t it be swell to eat food that reminds you of home and at the same time is good for you?

Well, grab your knives and forks ’cause I got just the place for you–Flossie’s.

Located in Torrance in a corner strip mall at the intersection of Redondo Beach Boulevard and Yukon Avenue, Flossie’s is a warm, friendly and cozy dine-in or take-out restaurant, where the food is served cafeteria style.

Greens are piled high, black eyed peas, green beans with potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, yams in little cubes, and other vegetables, are all screaming ‘eat me.’ The meat being offered that particular day includes–baked and fried chicken, meat loaf, ox-tails, beef short ribs and more. And let’s not forget the fried catfish– fried to order, never greasy, always delicious and fresh.

Okay, by now you can tell I’m a ‘foodie’ on a mission to find healthy comfort food, I can eat without guilt and, which does my body good.

Flossie’s is owned by Sandra Foster who has been in her current location for 19 years. Named after her mother, the restaurant first operated in another Torrance spot for three years, and the majority of the staff has been with Flossie’s for more than 10 years, and a few even longer. Because of that fact, you can always rely on consistency; her food always tastes good, and is freshly prepared to Foster’s high standards. Often you’ll find Sandra in the kitchen whipping up her famous veggies, meats and desserts–that is when she’s not greeting customers and taking food orders.

I made a mistake calling her guests customers, because she doesn’t see us as customers but part of a big family, a family of all nationalities, different age groups, blue collar, white collar you name it, America is truly represented at Flossie’s.

Sandra doesn’t add any pork for flavoring to her vegetables, not even to greens. They are always freshly prepared that day and even the squash and okra look good. So if you’re a vegetarian, you can eat to your heart’s content.

Sandra also makes sure a lot of love goes into the preparation of the food, and this belief is passed along to her cooking staff. They follow her lead; cooking like they’re cooking for their own families.

Sandra’s vision is to introduce Southern cooking to all nationalities, because it is the food of our rich American heritage–fresh, healthy and oh, so good.