Hot styles that will keep you warm this winter.
The steamy summer days which, seemed to only visit Southern California for a week or so at a time, are coming to an end and the chill of the winter is being felt in every breeze that blows by. As we pack away our shorts, tanks and sandals and pull out the chunky sweaters, scarves and coats for the fall, below find the top three trends that will make sure you’re, hot all winter long.

Chunky knits.
We all know winters get chilly and what better way to stay warm than in a cozy, chunky knit. For those who are not familiar with the style, a chunky knit is generally a outer-wear piece with a wider set of interconnecting loops. Chunkier knits can be worn on any body type with the proper balance. Because the knit is heavier, you will want to balance out you lower portion by combining it with a slim fitting bottom. Wearing an open chunky knit cardigan with a sleek denim and boot is a great way to generate balance. Not only will the chunky knit sweaters keep you nice and warm this winter but knit loops/scarves add the perfect combination of chic and stylishness to any wardrobe, male or female.

Salute the troops.
As they file into the country on their return from war, what a better way to salute our troops than to dress like them. Military-inspired pieces continue to be huge this season from the rugged look to those fancy gold buttons that can be worn with almost anything including being paired with denim and a great top for the casual look, or with a cute dress. Men can also do this look with denim and a basic tee. From the basic jacket to the skinny cargo pant, these pieces will march you right into winter stylishly.

Give them the boot.
We all love boots. What better time to wear those jewels we found at the back of our closet, behind all of our sandals. The riding boot, lace up boot, and over-the-thigh boots are a huge trend this season. Boots are clean cut and can be worn as a statement piece. They speak volumes and are dramatic and chic, when worn with a dress for women or with denim for men.
There are places where the above mentioned can be found. From a local department store, to a nearby thrift store (which is my choice), to a closet near you. Sometimes, we already have the perfect things right at our finger tips.

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