When I first arrived at the Northridge Fashion Center at around 2:30 p.m., the teenage rap duo New Boyz was nowhere to be found. They were supposed to be doing a signing at 2 p.m., before their show at 4 p.m. I walked around the mall in search of the New Boyz, a.k.a Ben J and Legacy. Although they were not there physically, I could feel their presence. I heard people uttering this and that about the New Boyz coming to perform, and while I am not a fan, I was amazed at the impact they had on the people in the mall. I knew many people there came only to see the young rappers.
I asked a security guard where the New Boyz were supposed to be and she gave me reason to believe that they would be in the popular clothing and accessory store Hot Topic once they arrived. So I went upstairs. From the second floor I could see just how many people were dying to see the duo. There were people piled around the stage like a bunch of whales beached on land; the people had no intent of moving, and those were only the people who got there before the performers arrived.
Before I arrived at Hot Topic I was forced to confront a gigantic line of people standing in the walkway. Again, I heard talk of these so called “New Boyz”. I ran into an old friend and took a few pictures of the line. There was still no sign of the two rappers. I found a good spot to take pictures of the line, and the doorway (as if they were going to walk in the front entrance). I noticed a particularly odd amount of cops and security around the entrance; I guess people are just that crazy about celebrities now-a-days.”The New Boyz have arrived” someone shouted. The whole crowd (consisting all of girls, as far as I could see) went crazy; I couldn’t hear anything except for the screams. I kept looking for the New Boyz but saw nobody; turns out that they came through the back entrance. So, now I had no chance to see them face to face due to lack of a press pass. Oh Well. I waited at my spot near the door but got moved forcefully (a little) by a security guard, also because I had no press pass, I got angry, but moved on to a spot up top to catch a nice picture of the New Boyz.
It was about 3:30 p.m. now, and word had gotten out that they were going on at 4:30. So, I staked out my spot. A group named “Star Set” opened up for them, but, they kind of sucked, and there was only a small group of people (very small) moving to their music. So, it’s 4:45 now, and finally the New Boyz storm the stage.
Everyone went crazy; the whole crowd on the top and the bottom levels of the mall were jumping around rapidly. The section of the mall they were performing in was now packed. They started with a new song, and then did their widely known single “You’re A Jerk,” and then the remix version of it. As they “Jerked” and took off their shirts, you could hear people getting louder and louder. For the last song (yes they only did three songs), they performed the bittersweet-ish love song “Tie Me Down” which features Ray J.
The crowd went insane. Honestly to me they did their thing to perfection. If you’re a fan of the New Boyz, I would definitely recommend you see them in concert.

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