PALMDALE, Calif–Teens, it is that time again, to begin preparing for the future while you still have an opportunity. The City of Palmdale is reaching out to students from all over the area to participate in this year’s Celebrate Youth Summit.

The event is an opportunity for young people to first celebrate their peers’ successes and talents.

Also, attendees will learn strategies on how to overcome obstacles and challenges in their academic and career path.

“This is a great opportunity for youth to join their peers for an afternoon that highlights the youth of our community and provides a forum for them to discuss a variety of topics that are important to them,” said Community Programs Supervisor Trish Jones. “We encourage all eligible youth to come out and participate in the ‘Celebrate Youth’ summit.”

As part of the Next Generation Youth Council, Palmdale is sponsoring the event not only to encourage youth, but also hear the youth voice. This project is part of the city’s outreach to ensure young people’s opinions are heard.

“As part of our Youth Master Plan, we want to know what are their concerns, what are their values, how can we reach them,” Jones explained.

A youth panel will also take place at the events, and will discuss topics of interest and issues concerning the youth. Breakout sessions about art expression, community involvement, and going to college will also take place.

“Engaging our young people in the civic process is important to us in Palmdale,” said Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford. “Our youth are the future of our city, and we believe it is imperative that we connect with them through venues like Youth Summit, to hear their concerns and tap into their energy and creativity to make Palmdale an even better place to call home.”

Students ages 12 to 24 are free to join the festivities on Aug. 6 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Larry Chimbole Cultural Center, 38350 Sierra Highway in Palmdale.

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