In today’s Ultimate Transformation Moment, we take a look at personal growth. Our personal growth not only affects us as individuals but collectively as a family, a community and a global society. Something as simple as our thoughts affect all.

What I mean by simple is that the concept of personal growth is very easy to ascertain, if we are willing to take on the challenge to change. Remember that as we stand in this moment and time, we are the culmination of all of our previous thoughts and actions.

Our thoughts and actions today, in this moment, will directly influence the actions and the outcome of tomorrow. We sometimes find that we have developed habits that keep us in a place of negativity, or, we find ourselves focused on having experiences of deprivation, (lack of prosperity, lack of health, lack of wellness). During times of negative thought, we can move beyond the “lack” and elevate our thoughts to a higher level of expectation.

Our negative thoughts must change, and we must make a very conscious effort to do so. This change to positive thinking will result in personal growth. We look at the obstacles we face in our day, and we have a tendency to dwell upon them in a negative sense. When I was young, my dad would always tell me, “All occurrences are good.” This means that no matter what the situation, no matter how difficult it may appear to be, we must look for the message; the clue that will help us grow and become better in the end. We must grow beyond the circumstance and come through all obstacles we may encounter, in our health and wellness, spiritual and personal life journey, with a better sense of self.

How do we make this change to “positive thought and personal growth?” I offer the following suggestion: Give Thanks. Throughout the day, when obstacles or challenges arise, say thank you.

Here is an opportunity for me to grow. Show appreciation. Give thanks for the breath taken in that moment, for the sunshine, for the children, for the ability to smile, walk, share, or laugh.

Obstacles and challenges represent the areas in our individual lives that require our focused attention. Now is the time to face these areas and prepare a plan of action for change. Begin by asking a few questions: “What is it that I am to become? What behavior or habit do I need to change or let go of?” The answer to these questions will include the change that is required to allow growth beyond the current circumstance and will signal the initial steps to personal growth.

Personal growth is important when it comes to the health and wellness journey, particularly when we are faced with ailments that are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Remember to give thanks for the opportunity to improve how we eat, how we think, and how we exercise.

Appreciation brings awareness that changes can be made. Recognize that the opportunity to become closer to our true self manifests once we begin to meet each challenge with positive thoughts and action. Believe that success is possible, no matter what the circumstance, and this positive thought belief will become the norm. Remember, all occurrences are good!
That’s our Ultimate Transformation Moment for this week. Peace and be more.

(Erich Nall is the owner and founder of Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles, Calif. The certified trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and dedicated life coach is a regular guest and commentator on KJLH 102.3 FM’s the “Front Page with Dominique DiPrima.”