“Souls of My Young Sisters”
One thing is for certain, it’s hard to keep a Black woman down. Sisters in the spotlight–whose journey to the light was, at times, difficult and scary–overcome and for the most part reach back to help others. And when we’re really on the ball, we combine forces.

“Souls of My Young Sisters Young Women Break Their Silence with Personal Stories that Will Change Your Life,” is a collection of poignant stories by 60 women, ages 18 to 30, who share their personal stories to inspire other young girls at a time when surveys suggest that young women continuously struggle with self-image, skin tone and self-esteem.

Written and edited by Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy, the book features a forward by Mary J. Blige, who for years has been encouraging young girls and women to love themselves, and to take care of their hearts and minds. Blige has laid her life out for all to see and to learn from; well, this book delivers the same message.

There are even plans to have the book read on air as part of a partnership with local radio stations, which will broadcast the stories of contributors and encourage listeners to learn from the tales. In each city, callers can win a chance to attend a reception and book club meeting called a New Beginning.

Hats off to Niecy Nash
Earlier this week, the actress, comedian and television personality–born Carol Denise Ensley, but we know her as Niecy Nash–took home a 2010 Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Class Special category as producer and host of the hit Style Network series “Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country.”

If you’ve ever seen “Clean House,” you can understand why the show is a hit. Nash is down to earth, warm and cuddly, funny and very outspoken. When I hear her give couples advice about their relationships and accumulated junk, I wonder where she gets all her information from. As a fan of the show, I understand that she’s lived and survived most of the emotions that she discusses with folks who live in incredibly messy homes. From being a single mother to the death of a sibling and so much more, this sister is truly a person who has overcome a great deal. Her support team is not too shabby either. It’s a quality, entertaining show.

“We all work so hard, day in and day out, and it’s just a testament that if you stay committed to quality work, you will be rewarded.” Nash continued, “I’m so grateful to the viewers and fans of ‘Clean House’ for being so loyal to our show and making it the highest rated program on The Style Network.”

“Clean House” has been the highest rated show on The Style Network since the show debuted, but it seems like the Hollywood movers and shakers are just now recognizing how talented and well-loved Nash is.

From “Dancing with the Stars,” where girlfriend hung in as long as she could to the outrageous comedy now in syndication “Reno 911” to serving as a celebrity panelist on CBS’s “The Insider,” Nash is a brand unto herself.

The Power List
TV Guide Magazine recently listed the 25 most influential people in television. As you may have guessed, Oprah Winfrey is on the list well as Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.”

Rhimes says “It’s exciting to know that what we do matters in the world of television. If we can make science seem sexy and make some girl decide to become a surgeon-that’s where I’d like to be influential.”

The selections were made by the editors of TV Guide Magazine. They say the picks reflect individuals who help shape American culture through the screens in your home. What’s frightening is they also selected Sarah Palin, while Tyler Perry did not make the list at all.

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