As soccer, or more appropriately in the rest of the world, football fans anxiously remained glued to their television screens these past few weeks, the pleasant, or irritating hum of the vuvuzelas (horns being blown) made the World Cup feel so close to them. ESPN and other sports announcers have been debating about whether or not the spirited drone is a distracting sound for the players. Maybe so, but it has not hindered the United States in its latest game.

Wednesday the U.S. came out on top in the first round of play, after defeating Algeria with a score after the regulation period. At 90 minutes, referees added four extra minutes for the game to make up for lost time due to injury delays. The score was tied in the winding seconds of the final minutes.

Landon Donovan scored the only goal of the match, catapulting Team USA to the top for Group C, and ahead of England.

What does this mean for America? They will enter into the Last 16 of the tournament. If they come out victorious, the team will advance to the quarter finals. And just like any tournament, there will be semi-finals and the last two teams standing will face off for the title.

The U.S. has never won a World Cup. In 1930, at the first World Cup, the United States placed third, the closest the team has ever been. Since then, America has not seen the top.

The team is currently ranked 14th in the FIFA rankings. According to bloggers, many are not betting on America getting much farther in the tournament. But we shall see.